National Integration Empowerment and Development Society was registered on 06.09.2007 as per Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Institutions Registrations Act12 of 1995.
NIEDS has completed 10 years of support and service to the communities in India through various programs which includes Disease detection, Medical camps, Awareness seminars, Treatment aids, Students aids, Observations and awareness related to people, heritage, culture & tradition, Human rights, Right to information, Law & Order, Motivational programs, Health & Well being programs, Clean water & Sanitation, Environmental programs, Peace and Justice, Health surveys, Career counselling etc. In short, more than 150 programs designed to achieve definite goals and desired outcomes as per the founding principles of the society.
‘Tangible qualitative transformation of life of the underprivileged in the society’ as the major objective, NIEDS further intends to expand its reach globally through collaborations and partnerships.
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Adv. Thomas Unniyadan


Prof. R. Jayaram

-Vice President

Dr. S.Sreekumar

-Vice President

Smt. Bobby Jose

-Planning Secretary

Sri. M.N. Thampan

-ADM Secretary

Adv. Bose Kumar


Sri K.P.Devadas

Joint Secretary

Sri. Gulam Mohamed N. A.

-Joint Secretary

Sri. A.K.Devarajan


Sri. P.R.Stanley